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TransCanada makes NEAT donation

TransCanada recently made a donation to the Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) in Fort St. John, B.C. NEAT is a non-profit group dedicated to helping residents, schools, and businesses live a greener life in British Columbia.

The Energy Mix project works with grade 11 students to examine biomass, waste heat, solar, and wind as well as more traditional forms of energy, making a 100-year plan for an energy secure community.

“This partnership will help increase energy literacy within the community and equip high school students with real world experience they can carry forward,” said Karen Mason-Bennett, Program Coordinator.Students will explore different energy sources, evaluate the pros and cons of each and then apply that knowledge to their own community. Gaining energy literacy improves the capacity of residents to actively participate in future energy planning for their community which, in turn, increases the strength of the community as a whole.”