Prine RupertGas Transmission Project

TransCanada has permission to conduct borehole testing, well back of riverbanks, at several locations

MYTH: TransCanada is conducting borehole testing beside rivers in the Kispiox area without permission.

FACT: In the Kispiox area, the B.C. Oil & Gas Commission recently granted investigative permits to conduct borehole drilling well back of riverbanks at several locations.

It should be emphasized that no testing is done under or in the rivers, and there is no impact on the rivers during the testing. The testing is to assess slope stability and determine the technical feasibility of constructing a pipeline at the selected crossings.

The Skeena River area testing began in March. We have applied for permits for the Kispiox River, Utsun Creek and Shegunia River. If approved, we expect to begin testing around the Kispiox River in April, the Utsun Creek in June and the Shegunia River in July. We expect to apply for similar testing near the Natlan Creek later this spring.

The procedure involves a crew of 10 to 12 workers, who drill two vertical boreholes at each site to obtain samples for further testing. We expect this process to take between 20 – 30 days at each site.

The boreholes are typically drilled 75 to 100 metres vertically into the ground. These are well back of the rivers, typically 50 to 70 metres from the riverbanks. Again, rivers and riverbanks are not affected by the work.

OGC is the approving authority, however notification is given to local aboriginal communities prior to commencement.