Prine RupertGas Transmission Project

Safe Operations

TransCanada Gas Control Operations Centre.

Prince Rupert Gas Transmission is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TransCanada, an industry leader in pipeline integrity and safety.

TransCanada has been operating pipelines in Canada for more than 60 years. We invest hundreds of millions of dollars each year to maintain the integrity of our system.

Safety is our highest priority.

Our pipeline system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use satellite technology that sends data to our monitoring centre every five seconds. If a drop in pressure is detected, we can isolate any section of our pipeline within minutes by remotely closing valves on the system.

We regularly inspect the pipeline route from the ground and the air, and we run an electronic tool through the pipeline called a ‘smart pig’ to check the condition internally.

The biggest risk to pipelines arises when a landowner or a contractor conducts unauthorized excavation on the right-of-way. To minimize this risk, we run an ongoing public awareness program to ensure local governments, business and residents notify us before they plan construction activities.

The following video highlights TransCanada’s pipeline safety and integrity.

The BC LNG Alliance, of which TransCanada is a member, released this video that answers a common question about LNG: what would happen if there was a spill or release from a carrier?